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Over the course of my career I’ve learned two things. People need more photos/video and I need to make capturing their dreams possible. It doesn’t matter what the event is or how big of an event it is… too many memories go uncaptured. So I’ve made it my goal to capture as many smiles, laughs, and moments as possible and I accomplish this through my professionalism, creative drive, and passion to be the best camera operator I can be.



From our first intake or intro meeting to the delivery of your digital media… professionalism is a guarantee!



I treat photography and videography as an art form and I seek to create media that is unique and custom to your dreams.



I eat, sleep, and breathe camera work. I invest countless hours of time improving every aspect of my business.

"We never just look at one thing; we are always looking at the relation between things and ourselves."

John Berger

Est. 2017

I started taking photographs back when flip phones were the hit thing. I know right? What interested me most about photography was being able to stop time in its tracks and preserve that moment forever. Fast forward 25 years and a lot has changed.

Obviously, I couldn’t plan to show up to your event with my old flip phone in hand and expect to capture stunning images that would blow you away.

I’ve invested not only money into my craft but a tremendous amount of time into understanding the most key aspects of both photography and videography as well.

I was labeled the “class clown” all through grade school. My mom actually instructed teachers at the beginning of school years to give me more work in class and throw it away after the day was over just to keep me busy and to keep me from acting up. Smart lady that one!

Needless to say, that personality has carried over into my adult life and into my career. But its translated into traits that I am proud to own. I work harder than everyone else at what I do, but now that I run the show I get to be my comedic self. Making people laugh now has no negative labeling associated with it in fact it helps create some of the best moments!

That’s my goal in every shoot. Capture authentic smiles and laughs. While I love posed “looks”, and it is something we will definitely look to include in your session, there’s something to be said about that photo where the smiles are genuine, big, and bright.

I seek to have lots of fun and bring the best moments to life while capturing them on camera. It’s my goal to make the entire process exciting from start to finish.

If this sounds like what you expect from your photographer or videographer…I’m confident in saying that we will be a great fit!

I’m really excited to meet you in a more personal way during a phone or zoom call!

Communication is key

Meet my Family!

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ISO, aperture, and shutter speed are just a few of the basics that every professional photographer must master if they expect to be successful. But what separates me from the rest of the pack is my natural ability to communicate with people. I've honestly never met a stranger in my life!

understanding your dreams and Vision

I make it a priority to understand what your ideal photo or video looks like. From our very first chat, I'll begin to develop an idea of that specific "look" and throughout the editing process, we will collaborate on revisions until the final product achieves your dream aesthetic.

Continued Contact

I don't treat any of my clients like a single transaction but rather as an opportunity to develop a lasting relationship. It's my goal to capture all the important moments in your life and the only way to do that is to become more than just your photographer or videographer but someone you trust to capture life's precious moments.

Click the button below to schedule a time for us to meet that works for you!

We’ll discuss your event and what you’re looking for. Ill tell you what I have to offer and let you decide if we’re a good fit for one another. Its that simple!